Flip Calkoen | Auckland Dog Trainer and Behaviour Specialist

Flip Calkoen | Auckland Dog Trainer and Behaviour Specialist

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As Auckland’s premier dog trainer and behaviour specialist I have helped over 10,000 dogs and their families to live in harmony.

Flip Calkoen - Dog Trainer

Auckland Dog Trainer

Hi, I'm Flip Calkoen!

I am a dog trainer and behaviour specialist in the Auckland area. I have been training dogs professionally for over 40 years. In fact throughout my career I have trained over 10,000 dogs of all varieties and temperaments.

I have developed a deep understanding of dogs and training methodologies. My framework for teaching dogs and their owners is built from working with so many dogs of varying ages, breeds, temperaments and challenges.

I offer you an opportunity for you and your dog to be directly coached by me. My Training Programs are focused on creating harmony between you and your dog. I will also provide you with a deeper understanding of what drives dog behaviours and how this differs to ours. My coaching ensures you are equipped to get the best out of your dog and give your dog the best life. I adapt my Training Programs based on you and your dog’s individual circumstances, abilities and goals.

I offer Home Consultations followed by private Training Programs from your home and in your local area, as I find this the best way to help dogs of all ages and their owners. Through my Training Programs I focus on teaching your dog to listen to your commands and modify unwanted behaviours. My experience is that individual training results in a better outcome for socialisation and training of your dog than group classes can provide.

I look forward to helping you!

Your Home Consultation with Flip

All my clients start with a one-hour Home Consultation with me. This first session is an opportunity for me to meet you and your dog at your home, answer any questions you have, discuss any challenges, assess your dog, give you some training tips that are appropriate for you and your dog and introduce my Training Programs to you. My Home Consultation steps are:


Your dog will be taken through a number of exercises to assess their temperament and determine the best training techniques for you and your dog. 


Flip will share with you his training methods, based on over 40 years as a professional dog trainer. You will be shown his methods to positively reinforce wanted behaviours.


Your questions will be answered and we will discuss any challenges you are having with your dogs behaviour. You will be advised of the best options to reach your behavioural goals. 


You and your dog will be given training tips and introduced to your optimal Training Programme so you and your dog can bring out the best in each other.


Flip will demonstrate his training techniques with your dog in your home. Your dog’s responsiveness to training will be assessed.

The price of the one-hour Home Consultation is $350 payable in advance.

I offer appointments during weekdays, with my last appointment time being 6pm. I also offer Saturday appointments.

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