Flip Calkoen | Auckland Dog Trainer and Behaviour Specialist

Flip Calkoen | Auckland Dog Trainer and Behaviour Specialist

My Auckland-Based
Dog Training Programs

My Training Programs are enjoyable transformational experiences for you and your dog. Whether you are looking for help to teach your dog the basics or to change unwanted behaviours such as aggression or high anxiety, my programs are proven paths to success.

Programs range from my Pre -Training Program of 6 sessions over 3 weeks through to my longer comprehensive Training Programs.

I train with dogs as young as eight weeks old through to dogs in their senior years. I train dogs to be well-mannered in a variety of environments, such as at home, the park, the beach, the café, the office and when visiting your friends and family, or even on holiday. Training not only enhances your life and the life of your dog but it also enables you to build a stronger bond together.

In my programs, I teach your dog my Foundation Commands, creating a shared language for you and your dog. I also teach you how to provide leadership to your dog through the use of these Foundation Commands, which will create a stronger bond and enhance the relationship between you and your dog. I will also focus on modifying any unwanted behaviours resulting in a more harmonious life with your dog.

Training programs include:

  • Regular weekly training sessions
  • Mix between me training your dog and sessions with you and your dog
  • Training tailored to your goals and your dog’s abilities
  • Focused on the challenges you are having
  • A variety of locations around your neighbourhood
  • From your home or office
  • Phone, email and text support