Terms & Conditions

By making a booking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accept Flip's NZ Ltd (Flip's) Terms and Conditions as detailed below:


You are the legal owner of your dog. Your dog’s vaccinations are up to date and your dog is properly licensed.

You have disclosed any significant behavioural issues, medical conditions and allergies of your dog to Flip’s.

If any accident, injury or medical problems develop while your dog is in the care of Flip’s, you authorise Flip’s to do whatever they deem necessary for the wellbeing of your dog. You agree to assume full responsibility for any and all costs incurred.

You understand that there are risks involved in training your dog and you accept that Flip’s is not liable for any injuries, illnesses or damages (of any kind) to your dog or any third party (human or animal) resulting while your dog is in Flip’s care unless caused by our negligence.


For Consultations, the Fee is payable on booking to confirm the appointments.

For Training Programs, fees are payable in advance, on a monthly basis. The first month’s Fee is payable on booking to confirm the program.


For Home Consultations, a minimum of 48 hour’s notice is required to reschedule. Less than 48 hour’s notice, the Home Consultation will be charged as completed.

For Programs and Training Sessions, a minimum of seven days notice is required to reschedule any session. With less that seven days notice, the session with be considered completed. 

If you are not available for any session Flip will still train your dog to keep up training momentum. 

Rescheduled Home Consultations and Training Sessions must take place within three months of the original booking or will be deemed completed. 

You agree that in providing the training to your dog, Flip’s is not liable for any loss or damage suffered to any property unless this is caused by our negligence.